General and Technical Q&A


- Is GymSport a WAG competition only?

A - No. Since it's inception the tournament it's been a Men and Women Artistics Gymnastics tournament.


- How many gymnasts can I bring to the tournament?

A - There is no restrictions in the number of gymnasts, unless there is more participants than bedrooms that were considered in sufficient number for the competition. In that case, the date of registration should be take as the rule.


- To participate is it compulsory to have a team?

A - No. But being the Team champion it's cool.


Q - To enter the Team CIV competition, do I need to have gymnasts from each level (youth, junior and senior)?

A - No. The main rule is "at least a Youth and no more than a Senior". The possible combinations are: yyy, yyj, yjj, yjs and yys.


Q - How about the finals?

A - There is finals for each level. For Youth started in 2016, and for 2018 Juniors will compete separated from Seniors.


Q - Can I just pay the registration fee? I will take care about the accommodation and meals myself.

A - Once in a while, this question arise and is made by first time participants. In many competitions, if not all, the participants are required to make arrangements for accommodation and meals. At GymSport, the participants only need to make the registration and payments. We adopted this format for various reasons, the most important are:

 Have the best prices in the accommodations, high quality meals, because we are very demanding ourselves, educating hotels on how to deal with gym people,   efficiency in distribution among hotels in order to manage everything by the minute.


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